Jane Stapleton, MA, President

Jane Stapleton, M.A., is the President of Solteria Solutions. She is also the Executive Director of Practice at the University of New Hampshire Prevention Innovations Research Center.

Jane’s current research and evaluation projects include training and technical assistance on strategic planning and assessment for the Campus Grants Program, Office on Violence Against Women, Department of Justice; evaluation technical assistance to New Hampshire Rape, Prevention and Education (RPE) grantees, funded by the Centers for Disease, Control and Prevention; and project director to develop a bystander intervention video game to prevent sexual assault on college campuses, funded by the National Institute of Justice.

She collaborates with StopHazing and is particularly interested in the intersections and connections between hazing and sexual assault. She is currently working with the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity and Foundation to develop Phi Delt-specific bystander intervention strategies.  

She is a lead developer and evaluator of the Know-Your-Power® Bystander Social Marketing Campaign and trains colleges, universities and community organizations how to facilitate Bringing in the Bystander ®. She is currently working to adapt bystander intervention prevention strategies to end sexual harassment in the workplace.

Jane provides training and technical assistance to colleges, universities and private residential high schools in the United States and Canada on how to create evaluate and sustain comprehensive sexual and relationship violence and stalking prevention and response strategies. She coordinates the National Campus Sexual and Relationship Violence and Stalking Prevention Consortium. She recently served as a subject matter expert for revision and evaluation of the US Army Sexual Harassment Assault Response Prevention (SHARP) training programs, funded by the US Army; and completed an evaluation of Circles of Safety, a Stop It Now! bystander intervention curriculum to stop child sexual abuse on university campuses, funded by the Paterno family foundation.

Jane has testified in front of US Senate and Congressional committees on best practices and what we know works in prevention. She was one of the founding members of the Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Program (SHARPP) at UNH, only the second rape crisis center on a college campus in the United States. She has provided direct services to survivors, developed, facilitated and evaluated prevention programs and directed campus-wide efforts (including policy development and systems’ advocacy) to end sexual and relationship violence and stalking.

She served on the Board of Directors for the School and College Organization for Prevention Educators (SCOPE) and the Board of Directors of the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic Violence. She teaches in the Women’s Studies Program at UNH. As an activist, administrator, policy maker, service provider and researcher, she has worked in the field of ending sexual and relationship violence and stalking for 30 years.