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Bystander Intervention Goes to Hollywood

Soteria Solutions was honored to be asked to speak at the Hollywood Commission’s IDEAS Summit. Held this past November in Los Angeles and organized by Professor Anita Hill—who helped launch the Hollywood Commission on Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality in the Workplace—the event featured speakers dedicated to preventing workplace sexual harassment and creating diverse and inclusive workplaces. Industry executives in and connected with the entertainment industry attended. Sharyn Potter and I were excited to have the opportunity to explain Bystander Intervention and its potential as a breakthrough approach to substantially reducing harassment in the workplace.

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Why Society Can't Afford Campus Sexual Violence

Approximately a quarter of a million women entering college this year will be sexually assaulted before they graduate. If they graduate at all. While the physical and mental health consequences are well documented the economic and human capital losses suffered by both victims and society have not been examined. Potter details the magnitude of these losses and offers bold solutions.

Sharyn J. Potter

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Bystander Messaging Matters!

To better understand how different campuses utilize BITB as part of their comprehensive sexual assault prevention efforts, I spoke with Dustin Struble from the University of Kansas (KU) and Dr. Emily Rosser from the University of Windsor (UWindsor). Both of these experts offered unique perspectives on how their universities were able to incorporate BITB into pre-existing prevention programs and make the program fun and identifiable for students.

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Reducing sexual and intimate partner violence and harassment in our education system: high schools and colleges are uniquely positioned to facilitate cultural change.

As attention to the prevalence of sexual and intimate partner violence and harassment in all sectors of society and its devastating impacts on victims and perpetrators continues to grow, high schools and colleges are uniquely positioned to be part of the solution in reducing violence in our society.

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